Earth Conciousness


One way or another this planet is conscious. You may think this is crazy but let me run through the logic...

Consciousness exists, it is in each of us, it may be in other animals too, so consciousness must have originated from somewhere in the universe.

It may have evolved from something much smaller than any animal over generations and started out a single spark of warning that gave an animal a genetic advantage. Now this spark may exist as particle or or something smaller that is abundant on this planet.

Alternatively, consciouness is a complete package and can be given to beings of a sufficient complexity, in this case the planet itself is conscious and gifts us part of itself.

Either way the earth is in effect conscious, either in itself or by proxy.

This can be seen in a alien scenario where visitors are parked in orbit around the planet. The whole planet will quickly become aware of their presence and react intelligently as a result. Why the whole planet? well if it is a single consciousness there's nothing to say, it will just react with weather, tectonics, volcanos, etc. If it is a by proxy consciousness, then it will be spread around the world by humans very quickly and they will act on behalf of their home.





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