The Emperor's New Clothes

I've been revisiting the fallout from the 9/11 incident and researching the facts vs the political and media story, and I have to say that I now believe that it was actually an inside job. Occam's razor doesn't apply as I thought, because there is too much evidence to the contrary, one has to look deeper to find the truth.

I'm not going to go into the arguments now, there's already plenty of that on the internet, and what I want to cover is the question of what should I do about what i've learnt. My thoughts currently form to a backdrop of what is happening with the economy, and the latest move by the Federal Reserve bank to flood the American economy with loaned money, as seen before in recent history, and I predict the bank of England will soon follow suit.

So what can I do about a controlling force that is covertly evil yet claims to be good; all the while pointing out how bad everyone else is? If 9/11 was staged, I have to ask if 7/7 was also, and I fear that it was. Both had similar dicecptions involving the public and military services, and these are too coincidental to be anything other than a badge of obedience for the country.

I don't like the policies and the methods of this country's government, they run contrary to my own beliefs and ideals. Things that are important to me personally are not important to the ruling class or the population of the country at large, and I have to bury my head in the sand just to get by. I know I cannot fight this system, and I have only one option, I have then to get out of this country and head to somewhere that I can be free, somewhere that does not have a world domination fixation. I have to leave this little island before it traps me and kills me.

I want to live an independent life, free from government bullshit and commercial rape, however i'd like to point out that technology is not the enemy and I do believe that in many ways it has provided more mental freedom to the individual. You should do this too, find a remote corner of the world untouched by overbearing and insecure control freaks, somewhere you and your family can be free, don't be afraid, your fear is their slavery.

A little excerpt from Keyhole911 on youtube and his FKN news video, which really made me chuckle:

If you don't like the idea of your destiny being controlled by a few wealthy banking families, manipulating your base human desires, and making you pay for a life on earth, then what are you going to do about it? ...

... I think I can prove that you are free to start your own bank, you're free to study what's known about the universe, instead of believing in mumbo jumbo voodoo rubbish. You're free not to take part, not to get into debt. Free to organise and promote self sufficiency not dependence. You're free to think for yourself, you're free not to go to the shops an buy shit you don't need, made by slaves living in economic prisons, ruled by un-elected dictators.

...You are responsible for your own exploitation, or lack of it.


 It seems that we are in a society that cares little for our lives, it will knowingly kill us en mass to further its own agenda, and with the intervention of ID cards, new terror laws, accelerated climate change scapegoating, and perpetual cost of living increases, I fear they will soon stop us leaving this isle permanently and monitor us 24-7.


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