Fascism From Democracy

Fascism can be derived from Democracy, it takes a while but undercover changes turn a free people into a controlled resource pool.

In a real Direct Democracy the people control the way the country is run, in such an example the country is not going to demonstrate any impirialistic characteristics. There won't be a head that controls the body, so because of peoples will to power and for control over others they are going to have a hard time enforcing their agenda on the country for personal gain. However in a Representative Democracy, like the ones we live in, people have the freedom to hide the truth, pursue personal gains, and lie like the dogs they are. They can do this by firstly stating always that we are in a Democracy and that we are free (four legs good, two legs better!) Secondly by restricting our options to vote for parties that all have the same policies. Thirdly by restricting our movements in and out of the country. Fourthly by not giving a fair education and instead of creating rounded intelligent humans, just breeding slaves of society. And lastly but not leastly by controlling our decision making ability through the use of government controlled media.

It is worrying to see politicians spouting on about how undemocratic it is for people to critisize the democracy, it's happened recently when a well rounded Asian was arrested for terrorism, and then released without charge. This kind of act is like a parent who can't think of a better reason telling his child; 'because I said so!'

Because the Democracy has to appear to be working as a real Democracy, no bullying of free voters can be tolerated and no elections can be rigged either, so how then do you control the voters so they vote for your particular variant of the fascist party, and so that they give you the personal power you crave? Well you have to use psychology and education. Psychology comes in the form of the media; tv/film/radio/newspapers, we are told by these factors what to think, what to believe and what not to do in the world, just take a look at the scandal surrounding the Frank Miller film 300.

More and more our freedom of movement is being restricted, the fable of making it more difficult for criminals and terrorists to operate serves to trap us all. New passports with bio statistics on them are just going to make real identity fraud easier, as all the information theives need will be in one place.

Education in such a country is a conditioning process that does not give a balanced view of the world or the self, it instead creates slaves of the particular society where it is being given. Never underestimate the power of family and friends in the psychology and education front, they too have been through the system and are part of the problem. Peer pressure exerted by them is most valuable to the controllers of society.

Don't for one minute think that people in the UK are free or that they are living in a Democracy, we are controlled at every step and freedom is an illusion, how else could Blair get a policy like renewing the UK's nuclear stockpile through parliament, it goes against common sense, world politics, and the will of the self educated in this country. Only the highly educated, indoctrinated, stupid, the fearful, and the weak would allow it to happen, and that's what most of us are. You show me an expert in any field, and i'll show you someone with out any social skills, common sense, or morals.

There are of course people who buck the trend and act like mini dictators themselves, they learn use the same tricks for personal gain and they have moved one rung up the ladder above the prols, but they still do not see the big picture and so their acts are really without insight. They invariably get arrested and sentenced and their little adventure is over all to soon. Some make it to retirement and an easy life and consider themselves winners in the game of life, however there is no prize for them to attain and they have ultimately achieved nothing in their small lives.

So today in the UK we have a culture of ignorance and selfishness, everyone is on the make, nobody is happy with their lot, every individual is so much more important than any other, and nobody will accept responsibility for their actions. What kind of civilized society is this for the 21st century?

I want to retire, no longer required,
I want to get by without the man on my back,
A tear in my eye, with a heart full of pride,
I must go out on a high, and tell my body why

Kaiser Chiefs,





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