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I have been reading your several pages regarding your speculations upon Freemasonry. I applaud your diligence in research, and your conclusions that most of the anti-masonic ramblings on the web are ridiculous. I have a suggestion: ask to become a Mason! All that I see on your pages indicates that your are already a Freemason at heart. If you want to know exactly what this organization is about, seek out a Mason, and ask him about membership. One thing I can assure you; if you are successful in petioning a Lodge, you can withdraw at any moment, without shame or ridicule. While Freemasonry is mundane for many, if not most members, some find a truly sublime experience of self- discovery. Freemasonry is essentially exactly what your web site claims to be; an attempt to understand God, and our relationship with whatever it is we find God to be.
Thank you for your pages about the mapping of Washington and London. I learned something from your pages. Here's a little teaser for you; the Mount Rushmore Monument at Rapid City, SD, was carved by Freemasons Gutzon Borglum, and his son. Wonder what it looks like from space?
I am sending this from my e-mail as Secretary of my Masonic Lodge so that you can know more about who I am, if you are interested.

T.J. Henwood, PM
Secretary & Webmaster
Sylvan Hills Lodge #754


I wrote back having looked on the web for evidence, but he would not reveal any more than what is said above. So here is what I found out and replied with.

Thanks for your tip on the Mount Rushmore monument, I have been trawling the internet for references and pictures and I have to say that nothing is obviously Masonic about its shape, just its history. There is maybe a set square shape to the rock formation on the very top but it's not compelling evidence.

Also the visitor centre is a curious shape.

I have tried to show a possible connection in the shape of the Visitor Centre and the mountain. Click it for a bigger image.

I can only assume that it is the three bar cross shape of it that you refer to as the significant Masonic reference? There may be a thirteen stepped pyramid at the end closest to the mountain as well, curiously without a point.

With no further detail from Tim and very little on the web about this landmark's current masonic connections, I don't think I can consider this a hit. It's a bit too cryptic and inconclusive, unless i'm missing the obvious, or this was his idea of a gag!




So i've had another email on this subject; this time from someone known as Lady. She says that i'm missing the point entirely and the symbolism is obvious. I have to say that it is compelling evidence that she has sent me:


What do you think?

Thanks Lady :0)


While temporarily back on the subject of Fremmasonry, I came across this image of the 33-ish steps of Fremasonry, interesting and well painted at the same time:

(Click for full size)

So i've had an email from a proper Freemason. He seems to have left me a clue...



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