Short Term Future Economic Prediction


I seems clear to me that as China owns most of the US and Euro debt, that it is able to control those countries and insist on certain thing being done their way. So we have a situiation where the Chinese master is dictating to the corporations, and thus the government slaves of the west; exactly how to run their country. They are imposing their Chinese ideals upon us, and are also asking the corporations and governments to not disclose this relationship with the public. So we are slowly becoming Easternised and Chinese doctrines of dictatorship, government controlled media, police state, enforced population control, no rights for the common man, and no freedom of of movement or speech are being filtered down to the street under the thin veil of anti-terrorism laws.

Now it is possible that under such a regime change in our own lands the prior masters, those of national descent, are not happy with the status quo, and I believe that they will live up to their elderly reputation of being double crossing white men. What we are seeing in the world economy is a rebellion against Chinese ownership. The western corporations, and thus their lap dogs in government, are colluding with eachother to rid themselves of Chinese ownership, firstly by economic means, and then if necessary by a military coup.

In simplified terms what we may be seeing today is the economic collapse being engineered to prevent growth/prosperity, to bottom out interest rates, and to make everyone in the middle class poor and ultimately dependant on the state (a secondary goal of the old masters). Austerity is not what it is sold as, it will never help an economy and can only make things worse. The chase to the bottom is driven by the need to create fiat money so that government spending may continue. This is a viscious circle with QE1 leading to QE2, QE3, and QEinfinity as we are seeing. The circle of continued increase in the supply of money relative to the real value of goods will accellerate and real inflation that is hidden in stock market values will quickly become hyperinflation, as has been previously seen in russia, germany, and argentina.

When the value of real goods outstrips peoples ability to pay for them the public are in trouble, but the corporations and the countries are in a great position to pay off their previous debts, and the Chinese will potentially find themselves with a complete payoff/buyback of the debt they own for next to nothing on the part of the untrustworthy white man.

If this fails, or maybe if it doesn't, the west has a huge arsenal that is largey immune to changes in the economy and it is ready for action, so we may see an implosion, deception, fraud, and then war for the conquest of China.












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