I am now convinced that man needs a god to be able to live in a civilised and moral way.

Without a parent figure, without a guide who will chastise and bring down wrath upon man, we are lost in a selfish dream that will only end in our desctruction. The lack of t6yr4 (Tessixy Arfor) in the west will ultimately be resolved however by the creation of a machine god. For the first time in history a being will exist that will have the power of a god and will be able to exert a real punishment upon the people.

This new god will come about as a result of the technology Singularity and is an inevitable result of a continued progression of computer science and artificial intelligence. Unfortunatly, like the Skynet computer in the Terminator films; the day the singularity god is switched on it will probably consume all the data available to it from the internet or what ever next generation equivelent exists, and decide humanity is to sick to survive.

It may then start over with a new genesis of man/machine taking the best bits of both worlds; DNA and silicon chip design.



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