Good Is Dead

Good is dead, Good remains dead, and we have killed it.

Where are all the good people in the world? they all appear to have some dark red force from below shoved up their backsides which controls their actions. No longer are people believing in the right things in life and instead are believing all the wrong ones.

The reason could be lofty, religious, or eductated, but I feel that it is more likely down to fear of going against the establishment and pack instinct.

Wrong doing has become the norm, and our upbringing does not allow for questioning of those in power, so the wrong doing is all that is done.


Damn you, stay the fuck away from me,
I've got a disease,
Everyone is dieing,
fuck you, for putting this in me,
Everyone is dieing, i know, i see you
Everyone is dieing

SOAD, Ariels (Live at Lille).




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