I have seen why heroes are required in our Western world. It transpires that the Western culture needs heroes to perform jobs for it that cannot be collectively achieved. A Hero will always step in to save the day when others do not take any interest in the activities around them. Ignorance, apathy, and actually; intelligence, prevent people rushing in where heroes dare, only the hero type will step up to the plate and sacrifice himself.

Heroes are needed because as a collective, Western humans are far to self concerned. They will not do anything that they are not getting compensation for, they will not pull together for the common good any more, and they are amoral at best, and predomenatly evil. So the Hero stereotype is called upon to help a business, school, government organisation, or armed force achieve a goal.

I feel the hero stereotype inside me, it is because it has been bread into me. We are all brought up to revere heros as aspirational characters, our films, TV, and books are full of this propaganda to prop up our society, to stop it falling apart. We have this stuff rammed down our throats 24/7 in the hope that some of it will stick, and that some of us will go beyond the call of duty to save a covertly corrupt, sick, and failing culture.




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