I have often wondered how before the second world war it was possible for Adolf Hitler to convice a population that his policies were just and righteous. How were the German people conned into missing the point of the comming war and instead to support a power hungry dictator. How were they able to see him as a reasonable leader doing the right thing for his country.

The common perception of Adolf was that he was a charismatic and great speaker, but I don't buy that as a real reason for his ability to turn a country on itself and destroy its own citizens.
Actually i'm not sure which is his bigger crime, was it that he tried to expand Germany's borders in an imperialistic conquest killing the innocent as he went, or was it that he turned religion into a enemy of the state and commited genocide out of jealousy. I realise that not all of the country supported his policies and good number of Germans fought against Hitlers policies, but this is actually part of my theory.

It seems to me that Hitler was able to get away with murder because of mass apathy. This is a very common human trait and it is occuring today all over the world. I believe that Hitler was able to get into a high political position because of a devious and ass licking nature. Once there, he was able to exercise his very different agenda knowing that most people don't give a damn about the democracy in which they are said to live.

Most people will not be interested in the policies that govern their country, and will only take notice when it effects them directly. Thus a leader who works the system can keep the vast majority happy and work on a seperate level withough the population caring. What was going on in Germany before WW2? Mass unemployment and a terrible economy. He sorted that out and his people were greatful as the direct effects were seen by them. This must have gone someway to deifying him in their eyes, he could do no wrong.

With a deity as a leader, the media would and could only broadcast good things about him, Hitler was a master of propaganda. The impression of the man on the street, who wasn't interested in politics, would be of having a fine upstanding leader. So Hitler could advance his plans with a supportive country due to lack of information given to Herr average. The majority don't care what happens outside of their own four walls and will accept travesties happeneing around them if told to do so.

Now far from Hitler being a warning to the world it seems that he was a model of how to get away with murder. Take a look at what has happened in recent years in Iraq and Afganistan, If you look closely at what techniques Bushy boy and Blair have been using, They seem awfully similar to a certain charismatic leader 60 years ago. While the policies and cause are different, the lack of care for the innocent is the same. Ask the people around you if they think we have good leaders, they will say no, but they will also not care enough to do anything about it because they are not being directly affected, they will probably vote for them next time because of no real problems affecting them. Now reverse the situation and look at the people of Iraq and Afganistan, is it any wonder Al Queada started up?

We are not being told about the worlds true oil problem, the world powers are securing what remains of the scant resources. There is really not much there any more, remember back in the eighties when it was predicted that the world had 25 years left before it all ran out, well guess where we are now!

Clever got me this far,
Then tricky got me in,
I'll take just what I came for,
Then i'm out the door again.

A Perfect Circle,
The Package


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