I Am A Meme


Memes I have discovered are snippets of culture that manage to survive from generation to generation and spread themselves like viruses of information. It has been said that our bodies are at the mercy of our genes, well it sems that our brains are similarly at the mercy of memes.

I am a Meme. I have stated previously that nothing I have written is new, going further; I am a vessel for a certain group of memes that are popular and have existed throughout history. So in total I have a particular education that allows memes of the rebellious/philosphical/subversive type to integrate easily and spread via the internet. What I am doing is not my choice, and it is not something that I have nutured, from early childhood I have been set down a path that currently is feeling like it is coming to an end. I have spread the memes of my ancestors and contributed to part of the human race, a part I might add that is not very big, but is a persistant bitch.

Is there a biological crossover here? Richard Dawkins keeps Genes and Memes seperate, but I wonder if there is a certain Gene pool that attracts a certain Meme pool? Certainly the Memes are not infectious to every one, only certain individuals. So even at an early age, the Memes must have to find a host in which to grow. Can't help but wonder what my parents genetic material contains, as a guess i would say that neither of them have the genetic wholeness to propogate the memes that i have, however i would say that my pop did have that predetermined makeup.

Also as a guess i would say that the most widespread Memes and also the most widespread genetic leaning is towards people who are stupid, lazy, selfish, ignorant, and irresponsible. It's a monster of an epidemic that threatens to halt human progress and intelligence.



What do you see here? Ask your memes.


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