The Intelligent Choice

To escape the normal existance and lead a free life is a path, to learn all you can about another way is being lead by others. So it is still a route that is controlled, it is still a journey that has a predetermined end, and it is still not my destiny it seems.

The prisoner escaping, the rebel rebelling, the stupid man learning, is a well worn track, it is a predetermined end. It is not an end that I want to be tied to, because an end that is predetermined is a known destination and to know where you are going is the same as slavery, it's the same as being controlled. I don't want to be controlled, I want to learn all I can and make my own decisions. Books and select films are guiding me somewhere familiar and I don't like where they are going.

Learned men it appears are as a part of society as the unlearned ones, and they are none the wiser for their education. learned men are so safe and secure in their understanding that they fail to see the error of their ways. As society governs the lives of the stupid, they also govern the life of the intelligent, they are a part of the circle of life, they act as a control, a measure, and a voice of reason, but they are part of the whole.

We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.


It is becomming clear to me that there is a trap in the journey of the itelligent man, the trap is as much a brain washing excercise as the TV for the stupid man.


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