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The thought police are at it again, and this country seems to be plunging itself into an anti Muslim fervor and trying to dress it up as legitimate crime. Today it was reported that Hammaad Munshi, 18, of Dewsbury, West Yorks has been the youngest person ever convicted and sentenced under the UK terrorism act. What follows are quotes and statements that seem to be utter nonsense when viewed from a sane and fearless viewpoint.

The court heard the teenager spent hours surfing jihadist internet sites, speaking to Khan [Another defendant], and distributing material to others. Munshi, a GCSE student and grandson of a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life, obediently attending school by day and surfing jihadist websites at night.

Oooh, super criminal! Simon Denison, the Prosecutor in this case had the following to say:

"The computer, hard drives and the computer discs contained thousands of documents, videos and audio files that held detailed practical information on how to make and use weapons, explosives and poisons, how to carry out acts of murder on potential terrorist targets here in the UK as well as abroad,"

All of which are freely available on the internet, and have been for tens of years, and either by them selves or collectively; represent nothing more than an interest in understanding what is going on in the world today.

Mr Denison said all four had been "motivated by their common cause" and had amassed computers, CDs and books that "were the necessary tools of their trade, possessed to be used in furtherance of that violent cause".

Again all of these things are either available to be purchased legally or obtained for free! Notice in these last two statements how the Barrister is extrapolating the intentions of Hammaad by saying: to be used and potential terrorist targets, without any actual evidence of an act being committed or planned.

He also stated the schoolboy had:

"created a document" from information found on the internet which contained "practical information how to make napalm, detonators, high explosives, home-made explosives, how to make grenades and how to kill someone".

So he took various details from web sites and copied the contents into a Word document, WTF! Are people really paying this idiot lawyer extortionate amounts to make up new laws about authorship, at most Hammaad is guilty of breaking copy write law.

Hammaad was ultimately found guilty of: "Making a record of information likely to be used for terrorist purposes."

This isn't justice! this is bullshit that is sticking because of the current social climate.

Hammaad's barrister, who seems very sensible; suggested the case showed "curiosity" as opposed to any kind of malicious intent. Who knows why no-one listened, perhaps the courtroom was filled with anti-Muslim fanatics trying in their own special way to quell fear?

After the convictions, Det Chf Supt John Parkinson, head of Leeds Counter Terrorism Unit, said: "Let there be no doubt, these are dangerous individuals. ... These men were not simply in possession of material which expressed extremist views. They were also in possession of material that was operationally useful to anyone wishing to carry out an act of violence or terrorism."

This guy is an idiot, so they were still just in possession of material weren't they! These men did not pen, create, nor claim authorship over these documents, or commit any crime as a result of owning them. As for their personal diaries; writing down one's thoughts and hates and fears is not any evidence other than a clue as to how they manage to cope day to day in our already fucked up world. What is Parky doing in charge of anything; let alone a counter terrorism unit.

He added: "While these men may not have been actively planning acts of terrorism themselves, they sought to incite others for terrorist purposes, promoting al-Qaeda ideology and training programmes."

Uh, no! see the convictions that were actually made, you idiot. The clue's in what you said, they were not planning anything.

Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist was sentenced to two years in a young offender institution. The judge [Timothy Pontius] added: “There is no doubt that you knew what you were doing.” He said that the nature of what Munshi downloaded, including a document called How to Make Napalm, made it a “particularly serious offence”.

Again WTF! Here's a link of a video on how to make Napalm:

and another: it says it's fun look!

and if you can't watch video and want to read about it:

The internet is full of this stuff, and always has been.

He told Munshi: “You have brought very great shame upon yourself, your family and your religion. ... However, in the light of the evidence, I have no doubt at all that you, amongst others of similar immaturity and vulnerability, fell under the spell of fanatical extremists, and your codefendant Aabid Khan in particular."

The shame is all ours i'm afraid, thought crime and fear of religion is pervasive among the lawmakers of this country, and I can't see a way of halting it's progress. There's no way a non-religious, white, middle class kid would suffer the same way as Hammaad has.

As a final word, Hammaad's grandfather has got his head screwed on; with careful words he took a pop at our blinded establishment without them realising:

"We respect, therefore, today’s judgment. But like any other family in this country, we are deeply upset by the situation in which Hammaad finds himself. The past 2½ years have been stressful, not only for him and our family, but also for the whole community in Saville Town. All of us feel there are lessons to be learnt, not only for us, but also for the whole Muslim community in this country."

Quotes used above are compiled from the Times Online and BBC web sites; not authored, stolen, or misinterpreted by me, oh and i'm not planning anything either!


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