John Carter Is A Damn Good Movie


I knew something was up with all the negative dissing of the John Carter movie in the media. I have just rented it and it is really good, and I mean Indiana Jones good, and so much better than the Star Wars prequels, I will now be purchasing it.

I think i've found why it is so poorly received by the establishment too. In the movie there is a stong thematic undercurrent which will not play well with the power elite, it is an anti New World Order theme and reveals to the viewer the agenda of the power behind the throne as can be seen in this excerpt from the movie:

Carter: "So what is your cause?"

Shang: "We have none. We're not haunted by mortality as you are. We are eternal."

Carter: "I don't understand. The wedding, this little stroll, why not just kill me, kill Dejah!"

Shang: "History will follow the course we have set, Earthman, and we've chosen Sab Than to rule next. The ninth ray must remain in the hands of mindless brutes who we can control, and the infamy of Dejah Thoris's death will seal his reign. We've been playing this game since before the birth of this planet, and will continue to do so long after the death of yours. We don't cause the destruction of a world Captin Carter, we simply manage it. Feed off it if you like, but on every host planet it always plays out exactly the same. Populations rise, societies divide, wars spread, and all the while, the neglected planet slowly fades."

At this time, and on this planet, on Earth, the New World Order has been born and is growing like a tumor on its host. Rebellion is squashed, unless it is phoney like the 99%'ers and part of a Problem, Reaction, Solution Hegelian Dialectic.

This kind of thing will not be tollerated, and older movies such as the Matrix, Network, 1984 would have faced similar issues if they were to be released in 2012.

Still you can't stop the signal (2005), and truth will always find a way out.

I have just watched John Carter, and it was good.


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