Left & Right



From reading the Unabombers manifesto I have been set off on a path of finding out what left and right wing are.

After much searching I can only arrive at the conclusion that neither the terms left-wing, leftist, leftism, right-wing, rightist, rightism mean anything at all. For all the definitions I have found, and all the meanings behind the terms, there is a contradictory stance in all of them. Left is neither communist, politically correct, gay, or liberal, and right is not the opposite.

Left and right are just opposing views from one standpoint, but if you move a bit the view alters and the previous hard facts are no longer the same. left is right, right is left, it's stupid idea that many groups have jumped on to use in their own cause. It's funny though how much emotional reaction it can create when it's discussed, people like their little boxes.

I get the impression that Ted would consider me a leftist, but I feel I am more a right-wing kind of person by his definitions, wish I hadn't bothered looking now!



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