London Symbols Followup


Ali's beginning to say i'm crazy and obsessed, but This is the clearest symbol yet. Screw the washington monument, I think i've found the biggest Obelisk and Eye of Horus yet. This has got to be down to the Masons.

Canary Wharf is a business area of London that was designed in the eighties and has been growing around the focal building ever since. Number One Canada Square is an office building in the shape of a giant Egyptian obelisk, complete with light up pyramid on top.

Surrounding it are many other buildings that alone ore not noteworthy, but collectively they make the development resemble an Egyptian temple of the kind found in Luxor or Philae.

At the end of development is a curiously shaped roundabout, and unlike other Masonic road carvings, this one is an acurate depiction of a known Masonic symbol...

Check out the way the roads line up with an image of the Eye I found on the internet. See the curl at the end of one of the legs of the eye match the location of the second roundabout. Look at how the eyebrow resides among a group of arched buildings that surround the eye.

Neither of these images have been doctored, save for the enlargement of the eye image to match the scale of the map.

I am still to reach a conclusion on what one world government means, it's not that bad an idea you know.



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