The Love of Life



I am not suicidal, and I will never be suicidal. I love life too much and will never kill myself, I will also not commit murder suicide, or put myself into a suicide by cop or similar situation. I am not taking any prescription medication, and do not use drugs recreationally. I am in good health with no medical conditions, and no psychological issues, I am of sound body and mind.

I do not have any guns and have no access to them. I do not hold any grudges, and to the best of my knowledge noboby holds a grudge against me.

If I turn up dead, then I have been murdered.

I urge you to investigate like Poirot, Holmes, Morse, or just one more; like Columbo would. Do not accept anything as obvious in the circumstances of my death, I will never write a suicide note so if one is found then it is a fake.

This is my sworn testimony and a statement of truth. I will not engage in murder, or kill myself.













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