News Blackout

The main story in the news today is that Prince Harry has been on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. It turns out that the press have been sworn to secrecy by some means or other across europe.

The blackout has been in effect for over two months, and has only been broken by an American press agency and possibly a German website. That's two months of government controlled news blockade. I can't believe it and never thought i'd see the day when it was spoken about as openly as it has been, always best to hide in plain sight eh?

The ramifications of this are far reaching and scary, as the media as i have suspected are absolutely not free to speak about things the government don't want them to. The conspiracy theorists will have a field day on this one as all the previous cover-ups can now be revisited with some genuine concern because there is a real example of the press misleading the public on the governments say so.

This country has no free speech anymore and little Democracy, when was the public asked firstly if we wanted Harry out there with our sons and daughters? and secondly when did we vote on the media blackout?

I can only assume that from now on everything that we see, hear, and read; may be doctored by our lovely government. I mean how far back has this Harry story gone, there was a big media furore about him going to war last year, and it seems to me that this was probably a very public (worldwide?) smoke screen so that he could be inserted after everyone thought it would never happen. I'm disgusted.

It's one fucking human being, and regardless of how much money he or his family have, this should not be possible in a our Democratic western world.

We are not free and we are lied to every day of our lives by those who ask us to trust them. Bring on computer controlled government, quickly!

 It is a dark day for Democracy and freedom of speech.


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