One Web Day

The internet has revolutionised the way I learn, the way I shop, the way I socialise, and has increased my independace 10 fold.

For me there is no better educational tool than the internet, you can find out anything you want about anything, and while it's not as quick as it could be to find the information, it's many times faster than going to a library and searching the shelves. For a curious mind the internet is a godsend, the only down side that I find with it is that the detail level is not always available and you cannot access books when you need their specific information by a particular author. These have to be bought from ;0)

Shopping has certainly become a more pleasurable experince for me, the cost of luxury items has become a global battleground and the customer has the choice to buy from home or abroad, new or second hand, and all at favourable exchange rates and shipping costs. Shopping is now a hunting and gathering activity where the four walls of a high street store don't exist any more. Among all of the online shopping expeirences, eBay is undoubtebly my favourite.

The internet has expanded my mind when it comes to socialising; with the advent of email, chat rooms, message boards, and more recently online worlds, you can practise, experiment, and play with your social interaction bewteen real people! It's not a replacement for actual intereaction but an amazing training ground. My confidence rocketed as a result of the internet and I can see people who still don't use it afraid to pick up the telephone!

Finally, I feel the internet has enabled me to do a lot more for myself and cut out the middle man. I can now find a job, a house, a car, a girl!, manage my bank account, pay bills, make money, all online. I am very quickly becoming my own boss, my own advisor, my own government, and my own country.

Long live the internet and may it stay uncensored and free for all time.



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