Panorama & The New Gene Revolution

BBC's Panorama TV programme is really beginning to piss me off, It is a programme with an agenda set in the past and does not give a balanced view of any of the situations that it documents.

Last night there was an episode called "Should I fight back" not just about our troubled youth, but that's the part I want to focus on, it covered how they are pretty much immune from prosecution despite their wrongdoings. If people intervene then there is a mixed at best chance of them either being seen as heroes or villains, with some being rewarded and some incarcerated.

The program explained the situation from today's societal point of view, it used recent history to show how things have gotten worse. It showed the strength of youth and the weakness of adulthood and of the authorities. What it did not investigate, was the question of why we have this situation, why the kids truant, why they destroy, attack, and rampage, basically Why we as a society are in this position.

It is once again the failure of society to look at itself and ask why? and instead enforce what has gone before, even though the battlefield has changed. It is the failure of society to accept change and responsibility for the situation it has created.

Why do the kids not want to go to school? why do they stay out late and terrorize the neighbors? because they are free to do so, they are exercising a freedom of thought and action that their parents do not know, they are opting out of "civilized society". It is what we wanted as a society a decade ago, or have we forgotten? and this is the beginning of the results we have engendered; freedom for our kids. Free from discipline, free from abusive adults, free from mental chains. While the adults are subject to thought crime and locked up for talking about the wrong thing, the kids can get away with whatever they want. I can't wait until these kids grow up and have to fill the jobs of their fathers! how the world will change, for the better?

Well the old system gave rise to leaders like Bush and Blair, who mark the peek of the philosophy of denial and taking no responsibility for their actions. The kids see it's wrong, shame the adults don't also, however the free leaders of the future will not have the pent up anger from a constrained and chastised youth, they will not have the mental bondage of a schooling that brainwashes and contorts common sense, they will not have the tactical bullying of work bosses who want them to suppress their biograms, and conform to the logograms of the company. They will not worship the pound sterling like their predecessors did.

This is a transitionary period that we have to live through, it is something we have to put up with for the better, it is in short the way we will save ourselves from a fiery death, so we should support our kids, we should be out on the streets with them, we should learn from them and support them and exercise our remaining freedom like they do. We should embrace the revolution of our own genes.



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