Police State

I don't beleive what I am reading right now on the BBC news website, the claims by Abu Bakr last night on TV have been rebutted by the government with shocking tell tail signs for our future as a free people in a free country.

Mr Bakr was arrested and detained for a suspected link to the recent soldier kidnap and beheading plot. He was held for a week without being told why, and says that the police did not even interview him about the alleged plot. When he was freed after his ordeal Mr Bakr made allegations of his country being a police state for Muslims.

Today the Prime ministers offical spokesperson spoke out in the country's defence, stating that Mr Bakr would not have been freed and allowed to appear on TV afterwards if this had been a police state! Oh, so that's all right then is it?

Just so i'm clear on this, Wikipedia defines a police state as:

A police state is a state with authority which uses the police, especially secret police, to maintain and enforce political power, through violent or arbitrary means if necessary. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism or other harsh means of social control. In a police state the police are not subject to the rule of law in an emergency and there is no meaningful distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive. Police states do not often refer to themselves in this manner, as the classification is often established by an internal whistle-blower or external critic. The use of term is motivated as a response to the laws, policies and actions of that regime, and is often used pejoratively to describe the regime's concept of the social contract, human rights, and similar matters.

The fact that police burst into this mans house in the early morning and arrested him in front of his family, then carted him away with out any warning, evidence, or judicial proceedings, is obviously not what would happen in a police state is it?

Jack straw couldn't keep is dirty fingers out of this pot, he said "We should not give excuse or quarter to those who claim this country is a police state - that is absolute, utter nonsense. We live in a democracy and what we are sadly having to fight at the moment is people who seek to destroy the very basis of our democracy."

Being free to Question the status quo is one of the principles of democracy you tit. Just goes to show how far things have become screwed up, it's a democracy because you tell us it is, not for any other reason.

Mr Bakr also called out the obvious, but it was nice to see it in print "It's not a police state for everybody else because these terror laws are designed specifically for Muslims and that's quite an open fact."

He is of course correct, and this is nothing to do with democracy or police states. It has been obvious for a long time that the fundamentalists have been terrorising in the name of Allah, and asking for all Muslims to rise up against the infedel. So claiming to belong to the Muslim faith has unfortunately tarred everyone with the same brush. What can any government do except suspect all Muslims, as this is plainly an issue of faith.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said about the situation "It was normal that some people would be arrested and released without charge"

Again how deep does this illusion of democracy and freedom go, because this isn't it for fucks sake.

Unusally agreeing with the government, Tony Blair's shinier reflection; David Cameron was quoted as saying "The terror laws apply to everybody, it's not right to say we are a police state. We have very clear laws about how long suspects can be detained. Very clear laws about rules of evidence. Very clear rules about how the police must behave. And as long as the police meet all those laws then people shouldn't complain that this is somehow a police state."

Who would we complain to after all? The police are just following their state laws so all is well and good!

Finally it seems that a Muslim MP named Shahid Malik has called for calm and says "It's really important that people do remain patient and let justice take its course."

What!?! I'm holding up my hands for the cuffs right now, i'll see you in a week or so if i'm lucky.

It's slipping away, don't let it. This goes way beyond issues of faith and terrorism, come on people see the fnords.

I'm sitting, on the roof of my house,
With a shotgun,
And a six pack of beers,six pack of beers,six pack of beers.
The news copter says the enemy's among us,
As bombs explode on the 30 bus,
Kill your middle class indecision,
Now is not the time for a liberal thought

Bloc Party,
Hunting for Witches



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