What rules will you live your life by?


Above all laws, you are responsible for your own integrity, only you can judge yourself and take responsibility for your actions in this life.

You know there are a good number of rule sets out there, you have the choice to pick a set, or make your own up. If you chose to go your own way, it is a difficult path, as you have to be consistent, if you are not then you are likely to offend people around you. Around people you have to tread lightly, they are always your enemies, even your friends could turn on you if you are not consistent in your words, your statements, your actions, and your morals. You could end up in jail or dead if you make a few wrong moves.

Remember that you must take part in the controlled folly that is your life and interaction with others. You may of course keep secrets, hide from people how you really feel, do not enflame them, learn to love them even if you hate them, but never tell them.


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