Windsor School


I spent the best part of my childhood living and going to school on Army camps in Germany. 

I grew up there in a false environment, there was not the usual cross section of the population that you get outside of the forces life. Each camp was a little England, self contained and just outside some small village or town of Germany. The only time I ventured into the German community was when I went shopping on the weekend. As well as the environment being false the people were also a false cross section of a normal community. Although there were many different personalities in each school I attended, they all had a common link, that with the British Armed forces. 

This brought with it a certain level of well adjusted being, the friends I had the people I mixed with were all related by the position we were in. There were no fringe groups, no poor kids at school, no rich kids, everyone was pretty much the same.

So I have recently come across a lot of web space dedicated to the last school I attended in Germany, Windsor School in JHQ. I was shocked by how much time was being spent reminiscing, and how many people were doing it. I had to ask myself why, and I think it is because the people that were there together were so alike that those times were special and nothing has come close since, no friendships are as good, no memories are as good in the real world, and because families were moved around every 3 or 4 years, friendships didn't die, they were torn apart by the Armed Forces movements.. 

Four or five Yahoo clubs/MSN communities exist for Windsor school plus a club for ex forces kids, this has got to be unusual for just a secondary school, I mean this is giving the school a following coming close to something like Oxford or Cambridge, not one it deserves, especially if the school were to have been just some secondary school in England. 

I must say that I am right up there with the reminiscing, I would love to track down some lost friends. I have of course tracked one of them already as can be seen in the  Mind & Body section, but I want more. I need to catch up with my past and find out where it's been and what it's been up to.



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