Sloping Shoulders

There's something very wrong with a manager who cannot stand up for his employees and just passes shit downwards. This applies regardless of management level and if a cascade effect from the very top happens without it being stopped at any level, stupid and moronic commands make it all the way down the tree to the lowly engineer.

An organisation like this is weak and fearful, its managers are unable to spot and control problems and the sloping shoulders policy is going to piss off its employees and ulimately kill the business.

Managers generally have an easy life of it, massaging the figures, playing golf with their superiors, licking all the ass they can get. It is unsurprising then that when they are asked to do something difficult they don't. It's to much effort for them, the poor little guys.

Management by email has been a blessing to many a weak and lazy manager who can feel he's doing his job without actually doing anything and certainly without risking talking face to face with anyone. Email management is like scooping water up with a sieve, pointless and a waste of time.


And it's no good blaming the drop in work standards upon bad management either...

... though, to be sure, the management is very bad. In fact let us not mince words...

The management is terrible.


Alan Moore, David Lloyd



Weak fucking insecure control freak tossers!


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