Star Wars As A Metaphor For The Fall Of America


I hesitate to write this article as I’m sure I must have overlooked it already on the web, surely I must have. The link has been blindingly obvious to me for a long time but the only reference I can find which is similar is to a Glenn Beck show from Jan 25, 2012. So I feel the need to fill this apparent void.

Given what appears to be happening with the politics of the USA at the moment, George Lucas is looking like a modern day Nostradamus with his “predictions” being made throughout the political back story of the 6 Star Wars movies.

Taking the movies in chronological order and comparing them…

In Episode 1 we find a declining galactic republic (called the old republic) facing issues trading with other planets because of taxation. A false flag attack on a federation planet causes a senator of the republic to move to replace the Chancellor of the republic and creates a coalition to start a war against the trade federation droid army on the distant planet of Naboo. The Chancellor then double crosses his cohorts and they are convicted of war crimes.

In America from 2000 – 2006 we have seen the decline of a 200 year old republic and a country which is facing trading issues with other countries leading to trade deficits, widespread mortgage and banking fraud. A false flag attack on New York causes the president of the republic to create a coalition of the willing to start a war against Iraq and Afghanistan. The President has effectively double crossed the leaders of these countries as the USA put the leaders in power there in the first place. Saddam Hussein is then convicted of war crimes and hung.

In Episode 2 the old republic is in turmoil and no longer has the support of its member planets, Leaders such as Count Dooku smell blood and move against the republic by attempting to assassinate republic members . It is then uncovered that the republic is making a secret army to act against those who attempt to threaten the republic. Meanwhile the separatists lead by Dooku construct their own army of droids. It is discovered that the true separatist leader is a hidden character called Darth Sidious. Chancellor Palpatine is granted emergency anti liberty powers to deal with the situation and protect the republic. A war on a foreign planet is won by the republic army but the hidden Darth Sidious claims that everything is going as planned.

In America from 2006 – 2008 we have seen America in turmoil following the attack on the World Trade Centre and is losing the support of China and Russia. Other countries such as Iran and North Korea smell blood and start making threats towards the USA. The introduction of the Patriot act gives the president emergency anti liberty powers to deal with the war on terror and protect America, and the president creates the TSA to act against terrorists who threaten the republic. It is discovered that a hidden Bilderberg group of elite families meet to discuss domestic and foreign affairs, and invite heads of state and leaders of industry to secret talks. The coalition of the willing wins the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq and largely in Afghanistan too. One can imagine the Bilderberg group saying “everything is going as planned”.

In Episode 3 the old republic is failing and attacks on its members result in the Chancellor being kidnapped, but the abductor is caught and killed and the Chancellor is returned. A figurehead of the separatists General Grievous is found and killed, turning the tide of the war in the Republic's favour. It is revealed that the Chancellor is the hidden power behind the separatists and he commits atrocities against the protectors of the republic. Darth Sidious reforms the republic as an empire with himself as emperor and takes a strangle hold over the populace with his clone army, declaring order 66. With the emperor in place, he takes himself an evil apprentice. Rumours of a super weapon that can kill a whole planet are learnt by the remaining small pockets of resistance.

In America from 2008 – 2013 there has been a failing of the republic, and with a tumbling economy the public are becoming increasingly dependent upon the state. A figurehead of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden is found and killed, and a separatist ruler Muammar Gaddaffi is killed, turning the tide of the war on terror in the republics favour. It is revealed that the President is the hidden power behind al Qaeda and commits attrocities against congress. The President also puts the TSA to work in the airports, on the highways, streets, and at sports events to take away people’s liberty and ability to travel unhindered. FEMA camp facilities are built and brought online for some hidden purpose. Following an assassination attempt on a friendly Saudi ambassador by the separatist country of Iran, the President takes a strangle hold on the country, reforming it by making Executive orders, enacting the NDAA and making use of it to kill its own citizens, and by declaring UN Agenda 21. Rumours of a super weaponised bird flu being created that can kill 90% of the population are learnt by those small pockets of resistance who are awake and watching.

In Episode 4 the Empire has routed all organised resistance to it save for small pockets of the Rebel Alliance and effectively has control over the system. The Forces of the empire are present in every corner of the system and a wicked dictatorship is run that punishes the innocent and rewards the evil. The Rebels however discover a weakness in the ultimate symbol of power and strike at the heart of the empire to destroy its super weapon The Death Star.

In Episode 5 the Empire is reeling from the destruction of the Death star and pursues the Rebels in an attempt to destroy the last remnants of resistance. Some key rebels are captured by the Empire and its evil helpers but they mostly escape to regroup.

In Episode 6 the Rebels muster to form an army, and lure Darth Vader away from the construction of a new larger Death Star with more destructive capacity than its predecessor. Using an emotional trick the Rebel leader Luke Skywalker is able to get the Rebels access to the Death Star, however the Empire have an emotional trick of their own which thwarts the Rebels initially and leads them into a trap. However the Rebels win through and the empire is defeated with the death of the emperor, they can now restore the old republic.

America from 2013 – future. Does the President become an emperor and enslave the nation? Does the President start world war 3 to rid the world of resistance to the empire? Is there a rebellion? Do the rebels defeat the empire?

It’s up to you citizen…


Fight or Fall?


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