Swine Flu Thoughts


No time to put together a cohesive set of thoughts, so for the moment some notes:

  • Too well organised response for it to be an unexpected and natural event, UK government would not be leafleting every home if it were known to be equivelent to natural influenza.
  • Happening on the heels of the G20 world summit, coincidence?
  • New world order has been previously announced by world leaders, and on the back of the economic crisis it is needed for the world to survive (a intentional cull).
  • Either bird flu was a carefully planned precursor to make this look like a genetic shift, or Bird flu was a failed attempt at a pandemic.
  • The fact that it is a blend of Human, Bird, and Pig flu's suggests it is manufactured to be a very different virus, to which there is no immune response.
  • Bush had 9/11, Obama will have the 05/09 apocolypse.
  • Synical ploy by manufacturers of Tamiflu and Relenza to buck the economic trend, and make a mountain of cash.
  • Biological attack by a terrorist organisation/state/country.
  • Mistakenly released virus from a lab, like 28 Days' Rage.
  • Prepare a larder, obtain essential fuel and fire lighting, get cash, first aid supplies.
  • This could be an attack by the rich west on the poorer countries of the world who are less well able to deal with a pandemic, so reducing the population to the benefit of the well prepared west.










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