All About The Numbers


I am beginning to see that rebellions are only so called if the protest is lmited in size and failing to win support. If a rebellion becomes large enough then it is quickly renamed as policy and adopted as the right thing to do.

I am reminded of the recent MP3 problem where so many people are downloading and copying MP3 files that the law that existed to protect copywrite is being ammended for personal use, basically because there is no way on earth to police it.

Also I heard a story on the local news which demostrates the opposite case, where a small beautiful park in a town with ancient trees and a harbour for wildlife was scheduled for demolition to make way for new council buildings. The locals protested and failed to stop the council because there were not enough people who cared about the park.

It was amazing to see the treatment of the protesters and the hatred of them by officials and police, reminded me of those protesters outside the ex world trade centre in New York with their banners saying "The Bush Regime engineered 9-11"

So it seems with any rebellion, it's all to do with numbers, if you can't get enough people interested then you will fail regardless of the legality, morallity, and righteousness of the movement. Unfotunately for most wannabe rebel leaders people have these days been engineered to be apethetic and fearful!





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