Tuttle Buttle



I don't know why, but news of the police being able to randomly fingerprint people with a scanner linked to a national database, reported in todays news feels to me like anyone can now be treated by default as a criminal.

Perhaps for having a broken tail light or for travelling 32 in a 30 mph zone, or maybe for dropping litter. There's something about the psyche of fingerprints that makes me freak at this thought, until now you had to be arrested before the police would take your fingerprints, now they can do it on a whim and potentially store them for life. I'm all for national IDs, and I don't mind having my fingerprints on my passport, so why does this bother me so much?

I think it's the link between the police and this scheme rather than a civil government authority. I fear that, as often happens with technology, if the police have this information and invevitably become reliant upon it, then there are going to be insane mistakes because my fingerprints are 94% similar to some molester, murderer, or peadophile. Will the police be careful enough to check the photographic, documentary, and ancilary evidence before busting in and arresting their 94% positive idenitification? No, of course they won't.

"Tuttle" becomes "Buttle" anyone?

And every movement I make, gets recorded to tape.
So that somebody up there can keep me safe.
Stars Of CCTV.



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