Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds - The New Generation. A New World Order Critique



On the new War Of The Worlds - The New Generation album, something strange has been done to this classic rock opera, what I believe has happened is that another piece of my childhood has been destroyed by the New World Order's drive to take over our lives and rewrite history to meet their own ends.

A story about alien invasion, perhaps with a metaphor for the Victorian empire's rise and fall, has been made political with changes to the script of the original version in various places which alters the context of certain elements in a subtle way.

One of the major changes is the lessening of the impact and the menace the Martians have on the listener, no longer are they as intimidating and one does not feel revulsion for the invaders as in the original work. This is largely due to the more sympathetic sound effects and the tone of the music for the tripods. However one of my favorite pieces of dialogue in the script and one of the more dangerous lines which as a child both horrified and enthralled me has also been removed; seemingly to make the Martians less threatening:

JOURNALIST: "Machines?"

ARTILLERYMAN: "Fighting Machines! Picking up men and bashing 'em against trees."

Instead of an imperialistic outside dominating force which is invading our home, in this version the Martians take on the role of a necessary agent for change for planet Earh that will bring about the brave new world which is sung about by the Artilleryman.


The new dialogue that has been added in this version directly relates to the NWO agenda and this is revealed in three areas, firstly in the The Artilleryman Returns.

Here Liam Neeson has the new dialogue:

"I felt a sense of dethronement, a realisation that I was no longer a master but a puppet under Martian domination."

Sound clip

This is an unnecessary addition to the album and only seeks to acclimatise the listener to subjugation at the hands of the Elite of this world. I thought that this may have been in H.G. Well's book but it is not an accurate reflection of the original text which left one with an understanding that this was an animalistic dethroning of the top animal of the food chain on Earth:

"A sense of dethronement, a persuasion that I was no longer a master, but an animal among the animals, under the Martian heel."

The second piece of dialog, which really reveals the NWO agenda is as follows:

Journalist: "Ready for what?"
Artilleryman: "Ready for the next stage, bringing over all of their people, after that they won’t go catching us one at a time. They’ll do it systematic. Laying traps, and storing us in cages, and things. So we’ll have to fix up a new kind of life for ourselves, and there’ll be none of your namby pamby civilisation and stuff, that game is over. "

This is the plan of the elites, not the Martians; the systematic enslavement of man.

The third piece of new dialog which I have noticed is that of the Martians speaking English in Epilogue (part 2) (NASA). What they say is strange, and this is what got me thinking about this whole thing in the first place:

"The problem is of course the humans."

Sound clip

WTF! seriously, this makes no sense in the context of the story. The Martians have already invaded Earth once, and have now stopped an invasion of Mars by the humans. For minds that are supposed to be immeasurably superior to ours, this is a really stupid thing to say.

So I started thinking about what else it could mean, and after listening to the album again, it hit me. This is a comment by our human masters and is not the Martians at all, it is the NWO stating that we are the problem; the listeners of this new version of War Of The Worlds.

This is UN Agenda 21 in effect, you human scum are a problem for the elite bourgeoisie, and this whole reworking of Jeff Wayne's classic is a metaphor for the plans of the New World Order, namely to wipe out most of the population, cause a rout of civilisation and then start all over again, and build a Brave New World, possibly underground.


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