Way Of Life


"The terrorists win when we change are way of life"

That is a fact that the governments agree with around the world and tout with disdain when sppouting their propoganda, and they then go ahead and make our lives more difficult by changing our way of life anyway; for our protection. How long does it take to get through airport security these days? Did our parents have this kind of trouble?

The reason I am writing this now is becuase of the Finnish Prime Minister calling for new terror laws in Finland, uh, no!

This is letting the terrorists win you dohnut. Finland should do absolutely nothing to its laws as a result of this incident, that is preserving their way of life. The Americans haven't banned guns because their kids killed eachother, and neither should Finland. Maybe they should increase their children's education in this area, but not remove peoples liberty as has happened in this country.

Incase you haven't noticed, the terrorists are winning their fight around the world, and we are living with less liberty, privacy, and freedom than our parents.

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