What To Do?

When you realise what kind of culture you are living in, what do you do about it?
Trying to alter the status quo is dangerous and difficult, it may lead to your own death so you have to be dead sure that it is what you want ;0)

I believe that our culture in Britain is one of fear, paranoia, and respect for authority figures who do not deserve it. On the whole we are a stupid nation without the ability to think for ourselves, we only act in response to a catastrophe, or when the act is supported by our friends, family, and colleages. If we are going against the grain then firstly; others get very passionate, upset, and fearfull about it, and secondly we back down to conform without hesitation; it seems that the status quo is self governing at the lowest level.

This is not a healthy environment for people to grow and flourish, it is rigid and set in stone, we have a very real class system still in this country despite being told we are equal.

At this time I am reminded of the idea of freedom and the act of being free versus the idea of being free.

We all believe that we are free in this country, yet none of us seem to try out our freedom, to test it and see if it's real. I can see how freedoms are erroded and gradually removed in the name of safety and protection, and it's for your own good.

Freedom is movement, it is action, and it is thought, we only seem to have thought left. I am sure that will soon be governed from a Ministry Of Love and by some O'Brien character.

So what does an activist in this day and age do to help the situation?

One answer is to strap a bomb to yourself and kill a few people, but this act can easily be spun into anything but it's intention, plus it's an incredibly wasteful way of saying stop doing what you're doing and listen to another point of view. Another is to spread the message of freedom, this is a lot safer but also a lot less noticable, writing your MP or protesting the government have not shown any beneift either in my experience.

One idea that does tickle me is to get as many people as you can to take all of their money out of their bank for as long as they can afford to do so, imagine if everyone in the country did it, what a message that would be to the ruling elite! I like it because it ticks all of the boxes, it's peacfull, its a protest, itss noticable, and its effective; it may even close a bank or two!




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