Why does the world work the way it does?

Why is it dull and without spirit?


Put simply I believe it works the way we expect it too. Each of us humans has an abilty to create reality in front of our noses, we work in sympathy with eachother, and sometimes in opposition. Reality is the way it is, because we pass our expectations of it on to eachother and to our children. So the modern world exists as a mental construct that is real because we make it exist. We have built rules inside of the construct that are obeyed, not because they are the truth, but because we expect them to be obeyed on mass. The rules of science control the western world and are largely dull.

One person has a knock on effect on another, in dispute they may cancel out, one person combined with another produces a stronger effect than one on their own. Reality is the sense we have made of chaos in the universe, if one wants to see the chaos then one only needs to learn meditation or take some mind expanding drugs. Outside of these things if someone displays delusions we say they are mad because they do not conform to everyone elses understanding of the world. They may be closer to the truth than anyone else, but they are locked up and drugged as a delinquent of society.

If a whole bunch of people get together and state that something is true, then they are creating the something and making it real through their combined strength. If others witness this something and like it, the group will be accepted by society and given a name like science, or religion. Individuals will be caught up in this hysteria, and become believers through conformist tendencies, so personal beliefs seem to be swallowed up by society at large. If society does not like the status quo they will go to great lengths to destroy the believers. Once the believers are out of the picture that particular truth dissapears, one particular example of this is Mathew Hopkins and his medieval witch hunting legacy.

He started from no-where and he was no-one, but quickly caused padamonium across England by spreading fear of witches, that didn't exist. He would ride into towns and condem scores of women to death for nothing inparticular. Such was the fear of witches that towns people would turn on eachother. Freinds and family alike would sell eachother out, and Hopkins techniques were sure to ilicit a confession from the most unwitchlike characters. His reign of terror ended when he went to far and killed a holy man; a Bishop who was beyond reproach in many peoples eyes. Here after Hopkins was hounded and suddenly witches stopped being a problem for towns folk, they dissapered back into the folklore from whence they came. One set of truths in society were quickly replaced with another. Hopkins was never seen again.

A key to this reality is stopping the programming in your head, and then looking at the world from a fresh perspective. I believe the chattering in you head that everyone experiences is placed their by society, it is your safegaurd, your virus checker, your backup system. It tells you what is and what is not, according to society. If it does not speak to you, you are free to make your own decisions about life. Then you will see that it does not work as expected. The human mind is capable of doing so much without thought, its astounding to me just how much of everyday life can be dealt with without any conscious thought. I think therefore I am, is how most people view life, but if you stop thinking you are still a part of life, still conscious but a little more free.

Without this programming that can be called ego or many other names, life is open to interpretation. You are in control, rather than society. Control, whatever it means, is down to the indivdual but what you are trying to control is chaos itself. You may succeed in controlling part of your life in society but you are just controlling the parametes of a model. Thinking is a way of working out the rules of the model, but this is not how to work out the rules of life itself. That requires faith, and we wonder into the relm of God.

What is God? You are. That is as far from the truth as it is close to it.

The Christian bible says that God made us in his image, so we are all gods then. However it seems we deny our own existence, and our own power. We have created the world we see, all of us in holy communion. We can change it if we want to, but it will take all of us to see the truth. Without that, we can only perform minor miralces, small deeds to astound our friends. We can at best become magicians in this world, we may exert a small control of minor events. If another watches you try, they are more than likely to make you fail. They are not aware of their own godlike status and control attributes. They will no doubt be full of dissbelief because of their programming, and like a karnaugh map for an AND gate, they will stop the power you contain from having any effect.

Believer & Believer = act of god
Believer & Non-believer = nothing
Non-believer & Believer= nothing
Non-believer & Non-believer= nothing

That is why it makes sense to collect power, collect and store it, only use it when you have to, because you are nothing if you do not.

Turn the gate from an AND to an OR, you may be a god but you will not be able to act as one. So you will believe that you are not who you are, fear and hatered will cloud your mind and you will be unable to see the truth that is in front of you.

Watch for those people who do not share their thoughts with you, who stay quite when others talk, those who will not tell you the truth when you ask a question. These peole have a power, it is something they do not understand, but they have it none the less. Understanding the power allows you to compete, to rival them but from your point of knowing the underlying truth you may vanquesh them. Those people will look selfish to others, you will too, but you know the difference. you are a god, they are only playing at godlike behaviour. However don't reveal the game to them as they will not believe you and you will lose your own power. Instead compete with them and win. Form a group of like minded individuals and compete on mass, start your own religion, your own science, as your group grows you will have more influence over the world at a fundamental level, you will control it.

The more that you fear us the bigger we get, and don't be surprised if you discover it.

Marilyn Manson,
Disposable teens.



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