Is Donnie Darko A Masonic Film?


Rabbits it seems could be Masonic symbols, if they are, something has struck me that seems very fitting. If you look at an American Dollar bill, the part with the great seal on it, the edges of the scroll look like rabbit heads. They also remind me of a very particular rabbit.

The film Donnie Darko features a very weird looking fancy dress costume that one of the characters wears. The head of this rabbit has always bothered me, not because it is freakish, but because its purposely shaped. The ears are such a peculiar shape and look like they are trying to reflect something, but I never new what. The skull of the mask is also shaped like a contorted human skull, and not a rabbit skull at all. Like the meaning behind the film, I had not been able to figure out what this meant.

The film is full of symbology that didn't fit with anything I knew about. I couldn't see what it all meant, it wasn't religious, scientific, spiritual, it just seemed to be things with meanings that I couldn't explain. That was until I read up on the Freemasons, suddenly the film had meaning, lots of it!

A rabbit I read represents Satan to the Masons, and Frank the rabbit certainly is the cause, the realisation, and the end of the "Tangent" universe in the film (Interesting use of the name tangent rather than alternate, or parrallel).

The rabbit mask that Frank wears bears a striking resemblence to the scroll ends on the great American seal, those particularly shaped scroll ends are just part of many Masonic symbols on the seal.

Frank it seems is a composite of Masonic images, for the human skull of Franks costume is I believe a subsitute for the lack of a skull on Donnie's skeletal costume. Donnie never has or wears a mask, and his face is never painted to look skull like. Together Frank and Donnie seem to represent the skull and bones symbol of the Masonic order.

Frank also has a problem with his eye. Donnie killed him by shooting him in the eye, thus the resultant manipulated dead frank has a bloody hole for an eye and the rabbit mask's corrisponding eye shows things to Donnie. This I believe represents the masonic and egyption all seeing eye.

Moving away from Frank, there is a point in the film where Donnies teacher is sacked and she leaves a message on the blackboard for Donnie; CellarDoor. She explains to Donnie that it is the most beautiful phrase in the English language. This is so random that it has to mean something more...

A quick dig on the internet reveals that it was JRR Tolkien who said it, and he said that it was the most beautiful phrase when dissociated from its sense and from its spelling. Its meaning in the film may come from a french interpretation of the sound of the words "ciel a dieu". This means in English; sky with god and may be a reference to a masonic painting by William Blake.

It depicts god measuring the world from a sky bound position with a compass. The painting is actually called "The Ancient of Days" but the deptiction is exactly sky with god.

Other Maonic references in the film:

Donnie's bookshelf is in the shape of an upside down triangle, that's a strange shape for a bookshelf! not quite of pentagram status but pyramidal at least.

There is also a big picure of a wide open eye on Donnie's bedroom wall with a skull in it. This is a drawing of MC Escher's and represents the all seeing eye, maybe with intent. The viewer doesn't see the skull in the middle until later in the film.

There is a carved wooden owl on his bedside table, owls are one of the most prevelent of Masonic symbols.

There's also an owl on the firdge next to a sign that say vote Dukakis. Dukakis's rival in the 1988 US presidential elections was George Bush senior, who was reportedly a Freemason.


When the boys are shooting bottles in a field and talking about Smurfs, there is a Pepsi bottle shown in the frame and a chequered flag. The chequered flag seems to represent the floor of a masonic lodge, and Pepsi Cola's boss; C.D. Bradham was reported to be a supporter of the new world order.

When Gretchen and Donnie go to the movies to see the Evil Dead, the movie theatre is adorned with pyramids wth spheres on top of them. This is the all seeing eye again. On the floor is a big face of an owl.

In Donnies drawing of Frank at the Mirror; which is hung over his calendar near the end of the film, Frank is Scratching at the mirror and there is a chequered shower curtain behind him. Curiously the ears of the rabbit mask are floppy in this drawing and the eye sockets are empty, maybe signifiying a loss of power.

A Grandfather clock features heavily in the film. Bonesmen are all given grandfather clocks and 15 grand when they join the Skull and Bones society at Yale University.

At the Halloween party, somebody has come dressed as Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a Mason, and just in case you don't get the reference Donnies friend has come dressed as Hulk Hogan, but wears a shirt that says RonaldMania!

There's also an Egyptian pharoh at the party, not very halloween but very masonic.

Playing with significant numbers now from the film...

Frank is revealed on 10/2/1988, Donnie is told the world will end in 28 days 6 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds, Donnie is 16 years old



10-2=8, 9-1=8, 8 & 8 : 8 8 8 8

2x8=16, 6, 4+2=6, 12/2=6 : 16 6 6 6


Lots of 8's and 16's here, hmmm

A bit on numbers and the previous topic of Washington's layout from

Now look at the Goathead Pentagram again. Scott Circle is precisely located at the middle of the Goathead, and 16th Street proceeds directly north. As you look directly north on 16th Street, you will immediately see the House Of The Temple, which is the North American Headquarters of Freemasonry. Even the number 16 is significant to the occultist; it is 4x4 (Remember that the four upper points of the Goathead Pentagram represent the Four Elements of which the earth is constructed). Number 16 literally means "felicity", which, according to my Webster's Dictionary, means blissful happiness or anything which will produce such a state. Certainly, blissful happiness is the stated goal of any Satanic system. A corollary meaning of 16 is love.

The number 16 also pops up in an encoded manner. Both Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, which form the top two most important points of the Goathead Pentagram, are located on "P" Street. "P" is the 16th letter of the English alphabet.

Sixteenth Street emanates north from Scott Circle, which is itself the precise middle of the Goathead Pentagram. This street represents the candle of the photocopy. The illuminating light of the candle is represented by the House Of The Temple, which begins on "R" Street. The architect is literally saying that Freemasonry is the spiritual light of this Goathead Pentagram; of course, this Goathead Pentagram is rooted at the White House. One quick word on "R" Street. The letter "R" is the 18th letter of the English alphabet, and 18 is critically important to the occultist because it is 6+6+6.

There may also be a scientific time travel significance to the number 88.

There is a theory called E(8) x E(8). It is part of string theory, and is an offshoot of M-theory and is referred to as the study of time travel.


So what is the point of the story?

Is it a story supportive of masonry or is it a warning.

Donnie Darko basically seems to say the masons are everywhere. But so what?

It seems that Frank is meant to represent Franklin D Roosevelt. He was a Mason and so was his son of the same name. When Donnie asks Frank why he's called Frank, he responds with a rather paradoxical statement "Its the name of my father, and his father before me." So he's his fathers son, and his fathers father! Is Frank is setting up the new world order?

This film it seems is a warning and charts the rise and fall of Freemasonry. It is a warning to the people of the world that the masons are taking over. It shows that the innocent are being set up by the Masons to think that they have been saved from some great tragedy. The innocent then believe everything the Masons tell them. The Masons get the innocent to do their evil deeds, in the film Frank makes Donnie flood his school and stick an axe in the schools mascot, he makes Donnie burn down a pagans house and discredit him. Interestingly, the innocent gets his own back by killing Frank and then himself and resets the course of history.

Donnie's teacher gets the class to read a short story by an author called Graham Greene. It's called The Destructors, and is a story about bored teenage kids in the London blitz. They pick on an old mans beautiful house, and decide to destroy it for fun. They take it apart from the inside out, slowly removing the houses beauty piece by piece until all that is left is a shell filled with rubble. The final insult is when the old man returns to find kids messing around and they fool him and lock him in his outdoor toilet, keeping him prisoner while they finish undermining the foundations of his house. From his toilet prison he believes for one moment that none of the sounds he hears of sawing and hammering are anything to do with his house, but his delusion is short lived as the kids bail out of the house and attach a rope to the back of a truck and to the house. They wait for the truck to move away, and it pulls the house down as it goes. The truck driver doesn't realise what he's done and investigates to find out what happened, he finds the old man in his toilet and lets him out, only to tell him that he thinks that the whole situation is hilarious.

The parrallel between the story and the Masons is obvious, but one has to go and read it after the film.


Other characters...

Jim Cunningham in the film is not a Mason but appears to be a Pagan. The Slaying of deer is associated with the slaying of innocence and Jim has two deer heads on his wall and is the head of a kiddie porn ring. It's possible Jim Cunningham represent the Antichrist brought about by the Masons, all love and help but secretly evil.

The character Seth Devlin appears to be the the Egyptian god Sutekh. He also has links to Satan and lots of references are placed about the film. He is either the devil or is doing the devils work.

In an egyptian theme Frank may represent Horus, with his all seeing eye. He is the enemy of Seth/Sutekh and it would seem that Donnie as a worker for Horus is an Enemy of Seth/Sutekh.




Date: 16/06/16


As I'd hope you knew, Freemasons are said to be people of God, not of Satan
or any type of evil (trust me, I'm a satanist). And to top it all off, that
is not the meaning of the movie... Donnie has a form of schizophrenia that
makes him see and hear these things. The clock is connected to the time
displayed but did it ever occur to you that maybe that wasn't a symbol but
more of a sign that life is short. Also the backwards time travel is used
in several movies in a similar way, ever see the final destination movies?
Basically just a vision, mostly for the audience. Yes, there are several
meanings to the movie but it is not to show that the Masons are "evil". I
request that you consider wasting time on something else, besides trying to
ruin a wonderful movie and make false assumptions about a fraternity based
upon 'mutual help and fellowship'.


Date: 03/11/08


I watched the movie Donnie Darko on Friday (wicked awesome movie, by the way). I found your site while surfing the Internet. According to your website, "There may also be a scientific time travel significance to the number 88." If you have seen the Back to the Future trilogy, you'll know that the DeLorean had to travel at 88 mph to be capable of time travel.


Date: 08/11/08


I found your site the same way the first commenter did. This was my second time watching the film.

I'd like to suggest that you read two books: The Illuminati Trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and someone else I can’t remember right now, and Foucalt’s Pendulum, by Umberto Eco. If you can get through it, Gravity’s Rainbow is full of interesting stuff as well.



Date: 17/11/08


I appreciate what you're doing, but focus on the return of Jesus Christ instead. Philippians 4:8 is also a good one to keep us from being bogged down into the muddy slide of evil.
Bless you


Date: 06/01/11


Question? Where do you find time to come up with these assumptions? Truly making an ass out of yourself with such statements. I am a freemason, and as my father before me, and reaching all the way to England in the 1700. I have never seen or heard anything of a rabbit as Satan. We do not talk of Satan at meetings, nor do we talk any type of religion at meeting. Mainly we talk about works in the community, and as well as other charities. So with all you babble, do you think the Shriners are occultists also? With there Shriners hospital and all the aid they give to children all over the world? Well just to let you know...they too are Masons. You said you did some research on the Masons and this is what you found? Right? Where did you get the information? Internet?...Do you believe everything you read on the internet? I really people who read you overflowing babble that is leaking from your mouth dont believe this garbage you wrote either. You know if you look at something long enough, even the clouds, you can find and assume all sorts of shapes and images, but truly they are only clouds. The thing with the number 666, if you actually did some studying...instead of making false would know that number was in association to a Roman leader that was over apart of Jewish people, he was also called the "Beast" for his actions towards the Jewish people. So why dont you spend your time more wisely, find something that maybe you really know something about....why would you tear away at the Masons that promote, Honor, Respect, and Civil duties....Why dont you tear away at the abortion clinics that murder thousands of children a day??? I really feel sorry for you.



Date: 01/02/11


Regarding the last person to comment "I am a freemason, and as my father
before me" by

Your e-mail indicates you are a women yes? So how could you be a Mason if
you are a woman when we do not let woman in our FRATERNATY?

If you have any affiliation with the Masons you would be A Eastern Star
member, this does not go that deep into the esoteric side of the craft.

I agree people should not listen to this garbage. Or everything your read on
the internet for that matter. I also think you should keep your opinion
regarding abortion to yourself!!!!

ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A WOMAN!!!! What if you got raped?! And pregnant!
Should you be forced to bring that child onto this plane?


Date: 26/11/11


I find your connections interesting. There is much about the Streets of D.C., designed by Pierre L'enfant. I am interested in the other city he laid out, Detroit, MI., which has the largest Masonic temple in the world!


Date: 21/09/15


Jesus represents Frank. The Upside down triangle means HE IS IN THE EARTH. Donnie represented the RIGHT side up triangle meaning he is Above the Earth. As above so below you reap what you sow.






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