Balanced Earth

Unlike in films and books, our world is not being run by a single evil mastermind/empire. At least I have seen no evidence for it.


Our world is not being run by anyone, but the illusion of power remains. It looks like it should be run by a shadowy secret organisation, it really seems like there should be a conspiracy of world government that is killing our planet for their own selfish ends. Unfortunately this is just a fantasy in my mind today. The world is a random chance generator, if anything comes close it is that most humans have a power lust and a fear of the unknown, our collective will may be toward evil, but the world does seem to be in balance.

Maybe the illusury view of evil in the world is the driving factor for ordinary men to turn good, and in reverse the pathetic do-gooders drive ordinary men bad. therefore hatered = goodness.

I find myself wondering about the planet itself, I was reading an argument recently that stated the planet must be conscious. It argued that an non-conscious planet could not evolve conscious beings. For consciousness to evolve it must have a conscious creator, therefore if we came from the earth and we are conscious, then the earth must also be conscious. This does of course require a belief in evolution and not in a traditional God or stereotypical Aliens.

It has crossed my mind that the planet seems to be reacting very badly to our presence of late. In the last year we seem to have had more large scale natural disasters than ever before in my lifetime. While this is not a long enough period to say that the earth is becoming more active than say 100 years ago, it is an interesting idea to think that the earth might be self managing and doing a some cleansing, maybe of an experiment that has gotten out of control.


It's not you it's the E talking.
E Talking.


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