I have rcently discovered Google Earth and have been zapping around the major points of interest on our planet, which is an amazing achievement of Google. One of things I found was the White House in Washington DC, I was curious as someone had told me that it was blanked out. I found this to be true and only the very edges of the building are visible. I also found something that I had not expected.

The White House is at the tip of a five pointed pentagram of roads. It's not quite complete as one of the inside roads is missing and one of the outside roads also, but from a mathematical point of view all the major artefacts for a pentagram are there.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and had to check my understanding on the internet, I knew of two uses of the pentagram; Satanism, and the Freemansons. What I found not only shocked me but also swampped me with information and mis-information about the Masons and the occult.

I've never really considered the masonic order as being anything other than a boys only club that has lots of urban ledgends surrounding it and no actually power or function in society. My only image of the things they do comes from the Flintstones cartoons where Fred and Barney have meetings at the Water Buffalo lodge to get away from Wilma and Betty, and wear those rediculous hats.

To see satallite images of the White House at the tip of an upturned pentagram of real roads suggested to me that there was something very real about the Masons, and I wanted to know what it was and what it had to do with the US government. The pentagram points are as follows, the Washinton Cirlce, the Dupont Circle, the Scott Circle, The Logan Circle, Mt. Vernon Square, and the White House.

The inner road that doesn't exist to match a line of the Pentagram is from the corner of Conneticut Ave. and Rhode Island Ave. to the Washington Cirlce. The outer missing road in the pentagon which borders the pentagram, this is between the Logan Circle and Mt. Vernon Square. I don't know why these roads were missed out of the design? perhaps to fool the chance observer.

I soon found was that the pentagram is not the only masonic artifact to be connected with the White House, There is also the masonic square and compass carved into the satallite image in the form of roads.

From the White House to the Capitol building and then to the Jefferson Memorial are the legs of the compass, the cirlcular road around the capitol building forms the head of the compass. The set square exists in Louisiana Avenue forming one arm and Washington Avenue the other, these do not meet at the corner of the square, but there length and direction is enough to convince me that their placement is not accidental.

Further to these symbols I found that these two symbols also contain further masonic signs, and here you can either become convinced this is meant to be, or become convinced that the people who discovered this are completely looney and there is nothing to it. Signs within signs suggests to me there must be a complex philosophy behind the symbols, and the overlapping must be significant or the planners would have placed further unique symbols around the city. Power symbols must have their power increased it would seem by combining them.

If you look again at the pentagram, every tiangle has at its summit; a eye. This I have read represents the all seeing eye of masonic reference and in each case the triangle represents a pyramid upon which the eye sits. The circle for the fith point, the White House, lies across the oval office itself and is therefore inside the building. The petagon in the middle has an "eye" as well, this is supposed to represent a candle in a luciferian pentagram, but it may point to this being a flawed idea.


The square and compass is also said to have a number of hidden signs within it, the first is a rabbit. The Rabbit is said to be formed from the circle of the capitol, the cresent roads to its right are the ears, the compass arms ar ethe rabbits legs, and the set sqaure lines are its arms. I have read that a rabbit symbol like this was used to denote satan and is a Masonic symbol. I'm not so sure, I have failed to find any other evidence to support this bar one thing, which i'll cover elsewhere.

Another sign is an owl, similar in lines to the rabbit, but discards the arms and leges, and uses the cirlces and other lines present within the capitol area to pick out the owls features. The Owl has been used across all human cultures as a sign of wisdom and intelligence. Coincidently the owl is a letter M (for Mason) in Egyption heirogyphs and it seems that a lot of Mason ideology comes from egypt. The owl is easier to translate to Mason culture, and pops up all over the place, noteably on the dollar bill along with the other mason sytmbols.

If you look to the washington Monument, which is in the shape of an Egyption Obelisk, it appears to represent the Eye of Horus, the All seeing eye of Masonry. This is esspecially apparent if you look at the road map of the monument.

A guy called Pierre Charles L'Enfante is said to have designed the middle of the city and it is also said that he is a Freemason. Interestingly the centre was known as Masons island before it was the the Captial city, although I could not find if Mason was a Freemason. His original design can be seen below, and it is apparent that it has been added to since its inception.

So what does this all mean?

It's hard for me to translate this all to something concrete like many websites do, but it seems that the city of Washington; the capital of the US, was planned and desgined by Masons. Most american presidents have been claimed as Masons with the exceptions of Lincoln and JFK. Presidents of the most powerful country in the world being Masons is not a problem as long as my boys club view of the Masons is true, but if it is something more, as many websites will have you believe and new world order is what its all about, then we should be very worried indeed. Along with the other world powers that form the G8, it seems the Masons are short of the magic number of 10 members to raise the Antichrist. If the G8 becomes the G10 any time soon there may be something more to go on.



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