Keep Swimming


People are not growing up any more.

It is my observation that children are children until they are at least 50 years old. Then they become old an bored and give up on a life they have not explored and experienced to its full.

Why are people staying as children then jumpng to old age? What is it they are afraid of losing?

Young people are seen as dynamic and fun; the do'ers of the world. Old people are disgarded from society and thrown aside until they die. Fear of growing old must be fear of becoming unwanted and useless.

Childen want many stupid things; so that they may play with other children at their games. True adults do not want in the same way, they do not need frivolous play things to keep them content, and they do not frit from one fad to the next.

This modern western world in which we live, it does not pay to be an adult. Society must keep people young and spending money, it must do this to protect its very survival.

Society seems to be changing for the worse, the standards that I was given as a child do not seem to fit in this day and age.

Tom said to me on the point of society degrading; that everyone who has looked at this point thoughout history has arrived at the same conclusion, that it cannot go on and will self distruct. Yet we are still here, and we are still moving along, we have not killed ourselves and society although diferent; still exists.

Perhaps all that this means is that while the rules i've been given are not being followed in society today, there are new rules that I do not understand.

This is like me wanting society, which is effectiely a chaotic system, to not move and remain static. It is never going to do this, so I and everyone else who considers this point gets the feeling that the good things we were told no longer apply.

So it is us who have not changed and we remain static, expecting the world to do so as well. There is a piece of advice that I do not know the origins of but seems to apply here. It is to not fight the world and try to take it head on, rather it is to try to relax and remain afloat in a sea of chaos, using whatever tricks you can to stop yourself drowning.

Everything is changing all the time, you must stay flexible and dynamic and keep swimming.


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