I have just learnt that New York's Statue of Liberty is another Masonic symbol! Apparently it was paid for and built by Masons; for Masons. At its base is a Masonic Plaque that comemorates the construction of its Pedastal and those involved in the project.

The figure itself is said to be an effigy of the Egyptian goddess Isis; holding aloft the Eye of Horus, "enlightening the world" the statue claims.

The very thing that the statue stands for seems to be an old european illuminati concept; La Liberté. The connections between France and the US on this topic are many. According to the French and American revolutions were Freemason sponsored, French Freemasons even assisted the Americans in their revolt against the British. It is becomming apparent to me that the United States of America is an experiment in Freemason rule.

If New York and Washington DC are both Masonic cities, in a Masonic country that is a social experiment run by the modern Egyptians! I'm still struggling to understand what it means to be a Freemason.

Fremasonry seems so tied up with Satanism on the web, but I don't buy that. The Masons claim to be all about true liberty so where does this lead. Reverend Donald J. Sanborn of said:

Liberty is a dogma of the modern world. Liberty is enthroned as one of the great goods to be cherished in life, something worth dying for. The American War of Independence was fought for liberty s sake. World War II was fought for liberty, and was financed in part by "Liberty Bonds."... Thomas Jefferson enthroned liberty in the Declaration of Independence by numbering it among the inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Bill of Rights touts freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press as great goods to be guaranteed.

The History of Liberty seems to begin in the 18th century and is a rejection of the over-powerful, over-dominating Catholic Church. It looks like the cult of Liberty sprang up to oppose the chuch and to offer an alternative to dictatorial rule. The same reasons could be used on today's governments and non-Masons in the 21st century.

I have an idea that the Freemasons are actually a good force in the world, they are protectors of liberty.I was shocked to learn actually how many Masonic lodges there are today in England, this is not a small social club! Society is against the Masons and this is why they are secret, because the rules that society follows are not the same as those of the Freemasons. The Freemasons do appear to be a third factor in a pluralistic, and therefore democratic, country.

I have the notion that Freemasons are like part of a large insurance organisation. If a Mason is wrongly caught up in an injustice, the freemasons can act to achieve justice in the eyes of god, and not of society, or the church. This is why society and the church hates them, this is why high ranking officials that are Masons are witch-hunted.

It seems to me that western society wants it's people to hate the Masons. It's kind of the pot calling the kettle black and a form of propaganda because they are competing forces. My opinion is lateral and skewing the commonly held view of the masons, but it's logical and seems to fit.

There is only one way however of finding out what a secret society really gets up to...



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