Looking for more...


We humans can't be at peace and still, we are always restless, unhappy with the state of things and always looking for more. 

I have feelings, deep feelings, about the shape of the world and where we as a race are heading.

As a 21st century human, if I look at the sky on a clear night i find myself thinking about travelling to the stars and seeing other worlds colonized, about our race spreading out in the galaxy and eventually the universe.

At this time i feel an affinity with the feelings of humans from the past. Perhaps my feelings are the same feelings as the Wright brothers watching birds flying and wishing to fly among them, or as Christopher Columbus's; looking out to sea and wanting to sail off and discover a new world.

They may be even the same as a neanderthal caveman watching another, longing to be able to communicate with other him, my feelings might reach back and be as fundamental as early aquatic life looking at land from the depths of the sea and wanting to be there.



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