Okay, so the world willed me and I watched, Ghostbusters was on TV last night, did I learn anything?

I certainly did...

For the most part the film was as I remembered it, funny with a strong science versus religion theme. Then near the end of the film however my happy watching turned to shock.

A particular line was spoken while the guys are up on the roof of Dana's appartment building, Peter says, with reference to choosing the form of Gozer:

"If you think of J Edgar Hoover, J Edgar Hoover will appear and destroy us."

So my mind kicked into over drive; what an odd thing to say! Why him?

He is the only example that Peter gives of something that would pop up and destroy them, as it happens Mr Stay Puft does the deed but from here on there was a strongly Masonic feel to the film and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The roof of the appartment building suddenly had significance; the scenery was littered with obelisks, steps, and pyramids.

Gozer comes out of a pyramid with a glowing sun/star at its summit in front of it is an obelisk on either side of some transparent doors with Egyptians and hyrogryphs on them. The design could be easily overlooked as bizarre eighties styling but this is strangely Egyptian and look at those pillars either side, Jachin and Boaz???

The terror dogs sit on plinths like guardians of something important, but what? Are they guarding the door in the pyramid?

Down these steps are the outer doors, these are adorned with an image of a stepped pyramid and something else I can't quite make out, it looks organic and maybe plant-like.

The outside of the central room is surrounded with obelisks and plinths and an alter. All of this points to a very similar and famous layout, I believe it is a meaningfull placement of artifacts to signify a disconstructed Solomons Temple.

The temple itself is uncannily similar on the outside and on the inside and as you may know is the plan used in every masonic lodge.

King Solomons temple features a Laver that is out in front, this is also featured in Ghostbusters but as the building isn't wide enough to accomodate it, it appears to be on the very top on the building and throws out lots of sparks.

The terror dogs also seem to have a link to Solomons temple, the gaurdians of the ark of the covenant are sphinx/lion like beings that stand either side of the ark and protect it. If the ark was a doorway to god then they are guarding something very similar to the terror dogs.

So given the significance of the iconography in this otherwise philosophically benign film, what does it mean?

Science is used thoughout the film to challenge and laugh at religion and spirituality, here at the end it looks like the joke's on the Freemasons, Ghostbusters is anti-masonic and destorys the masons holiest of holies in a big firey explosion.

There is another possible masonic link with two of the strangest character names in the film, the Gate Keeper and Key Master, after some digging on the internet it's possible that these are masonic roles given to members of lodges!

Also and don't forget that in GB 2 the statue of liberty is used in a most ungainly fashion to transport the Ghostbusters across the city.


PS: Just came across this following message in a random forum about our government and the masons:

"There is a core within the New Labour Group that behaves in a manner which at best could be seen as childish, who see greater importance in behaving as ghostbusters to force Masons to declare their membership than in pursuing other matters."

So i'm not the first to make this link it seems...







It seems from further study as if the Masons are being seen as equivelant to Jews in the film, and that the Ghostbusters are metaphorically Muslims (well known to hate the Jews), but realisitcally Athiests, expelling the evil Masonic Jews! This film is beginning to make sense to me.

Gozer represents King Solomon the magician; the controller of Jinn[1], the Masons under the spell of the Jinn worked for Gozer via the Masonic soothsayer Ivo Shandor, and built the spook central, which is metaphorically a Jinn tower and Solomons temple[2]. Spook Central it seems is built on a electrical hot spot and possibly an intersection of ley lines which gives it its super-conductive antenna like properties that pull in and concentrate spiritual turbulence from the general populace acting as electircal generators.

Apparently Gozer was originally going to appear in the form of Ivo Shandor and as a man in a suit, thus modern Solomon's image[3]. However this was changed to a fantasical girl image during filming perhaps to save the Masons any embarrasement.

The film shows the possession of Dana an Louis by the Jinn, thus their change into lion like Jinn animals that end up guarding Gozer in the temple of Solomon, further reinforcing the the metaphor and religious connection.

Gozer is largely invisible and in a parrallel world like the Jinn, and manifests itself at the end of the film breifly, and then gives he ghostbusters a choice. To the question of "are you a god?" the correct answer seems to be from my research "yes, i am Allah". The name of the muslim god can be used to expell the Jinn according to the scripture[2]. Unfortuanately Ray says no, and then the Ghostbusters can only force the Jinn back to the parallel world using their proton packs.

From the other side, the temporarily expelled Gozer tricks the guys into thinking that it is defeated. An act of free will then brings about a change of Gozer into the idol of Stay Puft, as is stated by islam in the Quran.

Stay Puft is ultimately defeated by closing the portal to the parallel world and destroying the electrical properties of the building.

It has been suggested that the Jinn operate using electric currents[4], and the Ghostbusters quite blatently use charged particals in their nuclear powered proton packs to create a plasma output that disrupts the electrically dependant Jinn.

It has also been suggested that the aim of the Masons is to create electiracal doorways to allow the Jinn to enter the world[5], so this further links the film and the philosophy and i am quite happy with my understanding of this surprisingly deep film now.

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Further Update:

I've been intrigued by the Egyptian characters on Gozer's doors, and wonder if they are significant to Freemasons, Jews, or Muslims. Thanks to Blu-ray Ghostbusters i've been able to get a more detailed close up of the doors and have a chance of identifying the Egyptians within:

And an enhancement

It is apparent that on the left of this image is a Pharaoh, and on the right is what appears to be the god Isis (well surprise surprise!). The depiction seems to be of a Pharaoh making an offering to Isis as can be seen in this carving in the temple of Isis:

And in this tablet of a similar scene:

The trouble I have with this being Isis though is that the headpiece of Isis doesn't look right, it is supposed to be horns and a sun disk as can be clearly seen in the two above images. In the Ghostbusters image the headpiece is long and thin and the sun disk small, which suggests one of two things, some artistic interpretation or that it is not Isis at all, but now i've found her I don't want to let her go.

Here is an image of a tapestry I found however that does show Isis with an elongated headpiece and smaller sun disk.

And here is a carving also showing the elongated horns on Isis, and this image is more interesting because it brings me back to the identity of the Pharaoh, I have reason to believe that the Pharaoh is Akhenaten who ruled between 1352-1336 BC, and is depicted in the above carving. He appears to be the only Pharaoh that I could find that matches the dress of the Ghostbusters Pharaoh.

The meaning of this image appearing on the doors of Gozer's temple then is not immediately clear but it must be relevant, so I need to do some more digging. I do know that Isis is a Masonic symbol being the mother of Horus and the Eye of Ra so that may be reason enough to include this depiction in Ghostbusters.

One bizarre link I did find though, that will take me off on another hunt, is that of the comparison of Barrack Obama and Akhenaten as shown in this next image:

It would seem from some preliminary searches that Obama and Akhenaten rose to power in similar ways, and that they have similar goals, that of unity, or to give it terms being used on this topic in forums, New World Order and One World Government.



I've discovered some images of the Gozer temple model, interesting stuff...

Further Update: Masonbusters Afterlife


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