The Nascan Indians


I have become intrigued by the Nazcan indians of Peru. If you are not aware of these amazing individuals, who actually all died out many hundereds of years ago, here is a summary of my interest. 

It would seem that a civilisation that pre-dates the aztecs, incas, and mayans, had knowledge astrology and moreover believed that visitors from the sky were watching them. Carved into the Nazcan desert floor and on hills surronding their cities; huge images of animals and abstract shapes can be seen to this day. These images were not discovered until very recently (1950's) when pilots from aeroplanes passing over the desert spotted them, indeed these are images that can only be seen from the sky.
A map of the site


The mystery is not how they were created, as that is well known: they are not actually carvings, rather the removal of dark coloured stones covering the desert to reveal the light coloured earth, scientists have found wooden guide poles in the ground along the course of the images that would mark the extemities, and weaving techniques are believed to be the basis for scaling up pictures to size that they appear on the desert floor. The mystery that poeple are trying to solve is why were they created.

Some investigation work has been done into them, and this suggests that they may have been religious in nature, another suggests that they mark the location of water, and one psuedo scientist believes that they were intended for alien visitors, one of the huge images actually looks like a spaceman waving to airborne friends. 

This is 

a negative 
image which shows more detail

The belief that they are ceremonial precession lines seems the most plausable for the picture carvings, an i actually watched a TV programme where schollo kids in traditiona coustume walked the course of a carving, and the sight was quite mesmorising and wonderous.

One of the more bizarre findings at the Nazcan sites is that of an image carved into a stone in one of the Nazcan cities, it is of a humaniod sitting in some sort of device/machine and operating its controls. It has been suggested that this might be a image of a spaceship, maybe a time machine, who knows, have a look.



The idea that intrigues me the most is that this image is related to time travel, could it be possible that humans from the future may have travelled back in time and had such an impression on these simple indians that they dedicated the rest of their lives to worshiping the visitor from the future.  Some scientists have always claimed that there would be a sign of time travel if it can ever be invented and had been used, maybe this is a sign? This could be the evidence they are looking for, and because the Nazca civilisation is one that has had no impact on the modern world due to its untimely end, travelling there through time would not upset the fabled space-time continuum.

Maybe the nazcan indian site was a research/practice destination for the time travellers, unfortunate for the travellers that the more they travelled there, the more the indians worshipped them and in each successive time-line the worship became greater.

I am of course taking this idea beyond the boundaries of science and playing up to my over active imagination. The idea of taking future technology back in time to further advance our own technological position is one that interests me however, and could be seen to be happening here, indeed the advancement of the Nazcan knowledge in such a scheme could have proved their downfall, where they dedicated so much time to the time travellers that they did not tend to their crops and store surplus food, and hence starved themselves out of existance!




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