Whale Protest


Fair deal for dads, stop the war against Iraq, prevent gay torture; it seems that if you want to make a protest in this country, you go to the nations capital. So this last weekend a new protester may have been spotted in the river Thames; a 7 ton Bottlenosed whale!

The question of why it was there must be answered, and as I have explained before; it doesn't take a great leap of faith to see that these animals are intelligent and their actions are predetermined and logical.

So was this a protest? Against over fishing, against polution of the seas, against general disregard for all life on this planet?

It seems that the whale swam up the Thames intentionally, the fact that it has not happened before suggests that it is not a chance occurance, or we would have seen others doing the same thing.

Lifeboat workers said on the news that they could not have diverted the whale as these animals are determined to go where they want and will not be diverted.

I don't feel that a navigation error, a search for food, or an exploration are justifiable reasons for it to be there intentionally. So I keep being left with the idea of a protest, but if it was a protest, did it work?

Sure the whale made headline news, but it was all with the angle of a poor dumb creature getting lost and confused and what a spectacle it is.

Insanely stupid onlookers said to reporters that it was a great event, amazing to see, they didn't care that the animal was dieing, rather it was a good chance to see a huge dumb animal up close and take a photo.

One Paper joked that a mother told her daughter that it had lost it's pod, the child replied that she didn't know whales had iPods!

This whole event has been potentially missread again.

Why is it so hard for people to grasp that an intelligence other than our own could complain to it's evil overloards for destroying its environment?

A sacrifice, a suicide beaching are intelligent answers to the problem of a system that doesn't listen. We do it to ourselves when a power is too great to face in a head to head confrontation!

It is such a shame that nothing short of a simultaneous display across the globe, in every major city accessible to the sea, will make anyone sit up and notice anything different. That however could easily be missrepresented and spun by the twisted media as well, and very soon the final message from our sea based cousins will be:

So long, and thanks for none of the fish arseholes!

This creature managed to gain worldwide attention without banners, without angry shouts, without scaling Buckingham Palace, and without any recogniseable form of language.


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