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I've been Earth googling again on a hunch. I have been looking for signs of the Masons in London. If they are prevalent in the US, and they originated from England, there should be some sign of their presence here.

This is Hyde Park in the centre of London, it is one of the biggest parks in the city and a Royal residence; famously occupied by Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana. Near the top of the image the park appears to contain a square and compass marked out in the paths along the park.


At the top of the picture, and at the head of the compass, is Kensington Palace, home to many a Royal Mason it would seem! Hyde Park has a lake conveniently named The Serpentine that is shaped like a snake. Snakes are common Masonic symbols and unfortunately they seem to bridge the gap to Satanism in many peoples eyes. A further look at the area reveals a nearly perfect pentagram that reaches just outside of the park, more symbols overlapping symbols.

I can't help but be intrigued by this pentagram and the way it finishes both in and out of the park, I suddenly find my self thinking that there must be something significant about the points of the pentagram. Obviously the top of the pentagram is at the palace, but as if to emphasise the point, it is honored and framed by a garden containing it's western tip.

The white lines here are the Google Earth measuring tool.

The south western tip lies at a curious arrangement of buildings, two parallel rows of houses and a circluar setup which are all known as Hyde Park Gate.

The houses at either end of the parallel rows appear to be adorned with pyramids and the layout reminds me of an Egyptian temple. The layout of circular part also appears to be Egyptian and looks like the form of an eye of Horus or an Ankh.

I added the extra arm here, because although the road is clearly visible, Google chose not to show it

So what's special about this point? Well a search on the internet reveals that 28 Hyde Park Gate was the residence and death place of Sir Winston Churchill, and guess what! He was reported to be a Mason, hmmm convenient.

The other points have curious things at their tips but I have been unable to come with anything more than a tenuous link to anything, decide for decide for your self...


Temple/monument/pump house?

Winged Isis shaped building?

I have been unable to find why Hyde Park is adorned with Masonic imagery, I did find a passage on the web that said the Masons currently have an office in Kensington Palace but this was nothing more than a passing reference.

What I don't understand is why Freemasons would want giant Masonic figures carved into cities road networks and parks, it's kind of like the Nazcan indians and their figures for the gods. Who would normally see them? Who are they intended for?

Perhaps the point is that hundreds of thousands of people walk around and drive on the symbols every day without any knowledge of them, it may give the Masons perverse pleasure.

I stumbled across a piece of information from a dubious source, namely David Icke. He claims that there are many Pentagrams and Owls in London's roads, I searched around but could only find this Hyde Park setup. Paris also is supposed to be covered in Masonic road symbology, but again I could not verify it. Further to his claims I saw an image of New Dehli's roads on a different website, they also appeared to contain pentagrams.

A thought occurs to me, if the Freemasons are really into the New world order stuff then this could be a kind of badge for the cities that are part of the order. On the subject of badges, I noticed the new European union flag for the UK presidency has changed the traditional stars for Swans! Why swans? It's so strange, are they a Masonic animal? I have read that Swans and snakes are often linked in ancient cultures because a swans neck is like the shape of a snake, decide for yourself.

Also about badges; what if London's Millenium Dome is more than just a failed exhibition centre??? Egyptian sun badge anyone!

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